A Dark Dividing: A missing twin. A family home hiding deadly secrets ...

The Chilling Details of the Murder of Ashley Ellerin and the "Hollywood Ripper" Trial
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In March of , Dale took an internship at the county hospital to study mental patients. During this time, he connected with a patient named Betty. However, just over a day later, she held a knife to an orderly's throat and was shot by police. When she was wheeled out, Cooper recalled her saying, "I'm free," and she later died from her wounds. The following summer, Dale's father married a woman named Charlotte and she became pregnant.

However, she subsequently left him for a photographer, who was biologically responsible for the child. The tapes documenting Cooper's life between September 11 , and June 9 , were destroyed in a fire that also destroyed some of his clothing. Dale met a young woman named Lena in July , who shared his love of coffee and had taken a vow of celibacy after her mother seduced her former boyfriend.

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They visited her family in Hershey, where Lena attempted to burn down the family home to come to terms with her mother. Following their trip, Lena underwent psychiatric evaluation and by December had married her high school sweetheart. In early , Dale's father became bankrupt and moved into the apartment above his print shop. Dale also completed his studies at Haverford. His whereabouts over the next year are unknown, but he did note in February that "Evil does have a face.

Cooper was accepted into the FBI in the summer of and completed his training by December. He was given a new tape recorder by his father and was assigned a secretary named Diane Evans [8] , who he described as a "cross between a saint and a cabaret singer. In January of , he was given his first assignment: investigating the kidnapping of an eight-year-old girl named Chris Roe, who he found chained to a tree, having been kidnapped by a bookseller.

During a triple homicide investigation the following month, he met forensics expert Special Agent Albert Rosenfield , whom he described as angry. He commented that whoever committed the murders could not have been entirely human. In April, he met Agent Earle again, who had been following Cooper's progress, as he remembered him from the job fair.

On May 1 , , Cooper took the life of a bank robber who had killed a hostage.

Dale Cooper

He was given a leave of absence to come to terms with the killing. During this time, Cooper began playing chess with Windom Earle and met his wife, Caroline , who wished that the death would not affect Cooper's life "the way it did Windom's" when he first took a life. Upon his return to work, Cooper was given desk duty, during which time he had a dream of a legless man saying that "It" is behind him and is "sure to kill.

Cooper was put on the investigation of a man who had been murdered, whose face was destroyed and his hands removed. He suspected it to have been the result of organized crime. Earle also began to act strangely and disappeared. Another body was found under the same circumstances, and Dale began to bond with Caroline, bringing her comfort during Windom's absence. After the hands belonging to this body were found, Cooper was introduced to deputy director of the Criminal Investigation Division, Gordon Cole , who oversaw the case.

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Caroline received a call from Windom on August 3 , during which he only said: "I'm sinking. Cooper visited him at the hospital to try and discern where he was during his disappearance. Earle only gave elusive answers, speaking of an "abyss.

gelatocottage.sg/includes/2020-03-07/3203.php Sometime around , [9] Cooper vacationed on an island in the Caribbean, where he met an old man who had taught Earle how to play chess. However, when Cooper tried to learn from him, the man refused, saying, "There is death in your face. Dale tried to find the man, but found him dead, hanging by a rope. Cooper then fled the island, feeling that something bad had happened in Pittsburgh. He arrived in Pittsburgh to find that Caroline had been kidnapped by three men as the Earles ate dinner.

She was found in April after being arrested for prostitution in lower Manhattan, suffering from a heroin addiction. Caroline was moved to a safe house following an attempt on her life. Cooper put her under hypnosis and learned of her horrifying experiences, though she was unable to identify the persons responsible. Earle decided not to stay in the safe house, and thus began an affair between Dale and Caroline.

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After convincing Halbjorn not to release the panthers, they go back to the hotel. Jorge stares at Wilber and shakes his head. Ghost Song: A condemned London music hall hides a deadly secret Happyface by Stephen Emond "After going through traumatic times, a troubled, socially awkward teenager moves to a new school where he tries to reinvent himself. Juvie Three by Gordon Korman "Gecko, Arjay, and Terence, all in trouble with the law, must find a way to keep their halfway house open in order to stay out of juvenile detention when their group leader winds up in the hospital with a case of amnesia. Then he sat on a bench in the back of the shop and broke into heaving sobs. All flummery and soft soap, of course, I know that now.

However, only days later, the lovers were stabbed by Windom. Caroline's injuries proved to be fatal. Following the murder of Caroline, Windom was institutionalized and Dale took full responsibility. Months after the murder, Cooper went on a road trip with his father to San Francisco. However, his father stayed in Reno, Nevada after meeting a woman named Shamrock and marrying her. In San Francisco, he was assigned to the case of a murdered year-old male prostitute. In pursuit of a serial killer, Cooper followed a blue Dodge Dart that nearly ran over a prostitute, but this perpetrator was not the killer.

The killer was soon identified as a man named Bush, who Cooper ambushed at his home and brought into custody. Sometime around , Cooper had a dream involving the plight of the Tibetan people and revealed to him the deductive technique of the Tibetan method. Deeply moved by what he saw in this dream, he formed the basis of his unconventional methods of investigation.

However, things went sour when Bryson's cover was blown and he was taken as a hostage. Cooper managed to rescue him, and the newspapers stated the incident to have been caused by an argument over the Book of Job. Two months later, Cooper worked one more case with the DEA task force, which concerned a dentist trafficking cocaine through his practice. The mission was a success; however, Dale discovered in the process that he had six cavities.

In early , Cooper received a tape from Windom Earle, taunting him.

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On February 16 , , Cooper revealed to Cole of the portents of the strange dream he had about the Tibetan people two years prior, and that it made him worried about the current date. Later, he played a memory game with Diane: he had to figure out what changes Diane had made to the room in his absence. After considering it for a while, he realized that Diane had moved the clock on the wall twelve inches to the left. In the meantime, Special Agent Chester Desmond disappeared while investigating a bizarre murder case of a teenage prostitute named Teresa Banks , whose body was found wrapped in plastic in Deer Meadow , Washington.

Cooper picked up the case but was unable to find any evidence which could lead to the discovery of what happened to Desmond or the murder victim. He later had a somewhat awkward and brief meeting with Sam Stanley, who had assisted Desmond in his investigation. They discussed the Deer Meadows investigation and Stanley's encounter with the missing Agent Desmond. Cooper learned about Teresa Banks' missing ring and a mysterious letter under her fingernail during this meeting.

Roughly a year later, Cooper told Albert Rosenfield in the Philadelphia FBI offices of how he sensed Banks' killer would strike again soon, and that his victim would be a young woman, who had blonde hair, was sexually active, using drugs, and was crying out for help. Rosenfield was quick to dismiss Cooper's notion. After being missing for two years, Special Agent Phillip Jeffries re-appeared behind Cooper in the hallway outside Gordon Cole's office, which Cooper did not notice, as he was checking the security camera in which he saw himself still standing in the hallway as Jeffries walked straight past him.

Cooper followed him into Cole's office and bore witness to Jeffries' fragmented outburst. He briefly exited the room to check the hallway, as a result missing Jeffries' disappearance. On February 24 , , the body of the murdered Laura Palmer was found wrapped in plastic in the town of Twin Peaks , Washington.

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Shortly thereafter, Ronette Pulaski was reported missing. After Ronette was found across the state border in Idaho , the FBI was given jurisdiction over the investigation into her disappearance and Cooper was assigned to the case. He arrived in the town at AM whilst addressing a tape to Diane , commenting on all of the trees he had seen, as well as the weather, his car's gas level, and his lunch. He noted that he would meet with Sheriff Harry S. Truman at the hospital to see Ronette. He arrived at the hospital and met Sheriff Truman and while respectful of the sheriff, he made sure that Truman was aware that the FBI had taken control of the case and expected his full cooperation.

After Truman confirmed his awareness, Cooper excitedly asked what kind of trees they had around the town, which Truman confirmed to be Douglas firs. Although no connection had been made between Ronette's disappearance and Laura's murder, Cooper asked for the coroner's report on Laura, but the autopsy had yet to be done. Truman took him to Ronette, who had been raped.

Cooper tried to question her, but she was unresponsive. He requested to examine her fingers but did not find what he was looking for. As he did this, Ronette began saying "don't go there. Cooper and Truman later found themselves in an elevator with a one-armed man , who exited when they saw Doctor Lawrence Jacoby , who tried to run to them, but the elevator closed and continued to descend.

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Jacoby then showed up on the next floor where they stop and he introduced himself to Cooper. The psychiatrist asked to join them in the morgue, but they did not allow it. Jacoby also said that Laura's parents did not know that she had been seeing him. They went to the morgue, where the lights were flickering.

He examined Laura's body and found a small piece of paper under the nail on her left ring finger. Printed on the paper was the letter 'R.