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Leseprobe Titel: Apocalypse Baby. Seeking a brighter future in megacity Manila, Oscar Ramirez and his family flee their impoverished life in the rice fields of the northern Philippines. But the sweltering capital's bustling Deep within the reservation she Director Jeanie Finlay charts a transgender man's path to parenthood after he decides to carry his child himself. The pregnancy prompts an unexpected and profound reckoning with conventions of masculinity, self-definition and biology. A 60 minute film of Justice's live show, recorded in an empty and invisible space without an audience, focusing exclusively on the impressive production and music.

The show has The film is set in surfing town of Baler where Ford who is wasting his youth away. Named after Francis Ford Coppola. As another surfing season is ending, he is forced to confront his past, including the myths and myths about his life. It won several awards such as the grand prize for the Best Picture and I can certainly see why. It is simply astonishing in how viciously calm it is.

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The film takes place on the surfing town of Baler where Ford played by Sid Lucero has lived all his life with the belief that he is the son of a famous Hollywood director, Francis Ford Coppola. Once Ford's childhood friend Rich RK Bagatsing goes back to town to take his father's place in politics, Ford starts to question his heritage, causing all sorts of personal oppression as the story goes on. A beautiful aspect about the film is how mature it is in its approach to drama. The characters and their manner of acting are all very subtle.

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They give hints here and there. Apocalypse Child, exploring the complexity of difficult truths and pain, contains multitudes of emotions in such abundance. The great thing about the acting is how the characters don't break out in an Oscar pleading way every so often.

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There is a climax, but the film does not render its emotions meaningless through wasted tears. One misconception about drama shown in a lot of films today is how the screenwriter mistakes crying for genuine emotion.

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Valentine, the troubled daughter of a well-off but dysfunctional Parisian family, vanishes on her way to school. Inexperienced private detective Lucie Toledo is hired to find the missing teenager, and enlists the help of a formidable agent with a. "Virginie Despentes's Apocalypse Baby kept me up several nights in a row—in part because it's a terrific page-turner, and in part because I was anxious to see.

Yes, tears can be an effective tool in a storyteller's repertoire because they can heighten a moment or a certain importance in a scene, but the thing is, tears have to be earned. The characters have to build up to them. This is what Apocalypse Child does so beautifully.

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The movie does not show characters crying out painfully in every scene. The acting is very subdued. The performances of each character do not tell the audience how they should feel. This is a film where the past bears the force of a tsunami, where the truth is lurking behind the most innocent of faces, threatening to destroy the personal lives of many.

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These characters, these surfers of Baler, are forced to surf with the waves of pain and torment. They are forced to surf in their tortured past where all the mythologies of the town have been made to cover up the truth so heartbreaking to many.

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The cinematography is exquisite. Although the film had a low budget, the way the camera matches the character's actions makes us feel what they are feeling. The film also did a good job of capturing the spirit of Baler, a small town idyllic in its culture.

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