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Ah, the '90s were a simpler time. It is very unlikely that you didn't play your Nirvana cassette tape single "Smells like Teen Spirit" while you rubbed on your "Pink Crush" Lady Speed Stick , knowing it was you and Kurt against the world. You can still buy this stuff.

You Can Now Buy a Caboodle Just Like the One You Had in the '90s

I'm just wondering if it's strong enough for a sweaty something woman asking for a friend. If you're currently weeping for your lost plastic charm bracelet that marked you as a good little trend-follower in your elementary school years, you can dry those tears. A few years back, Nylon published an editorial lauding this style, and a '90s-inspired replica made by the Organic Peroxide brand. This post-new millennium copy is no longer available in stores, but never fear! You can get the real thing ' now-vintage '90s plastic charms — on eBay.

So yeah, you're basically buying your stuff back. Taking your allowance or your chore money to Claire's on the weekend was kind of like the precursor to spending your whole paycheck at Sephora , amiright? And if you weren't lucky enough to have your ears pierced — or even if you just had the classic two holes, and wanted to do it up like a cool hippie girl with multiple earnings per ear — then that meant splurging on a constant influx of stick-on, 3D, gem earrings.

For special occasions, putting these babies on your temples to highlight your eyes was a never-fail move.

Are you desperately missing your dear Caboodle now? Do you need one for your adult self, or your mini-me daughter? If your original has disappeared into the ether that is time, there is good news for contemporary Caboodle enthusiasts. In addition to several vintage models being available on Etsy or on ebay , the Caboodle company is still rocking the world of makeup, art supplies, and random crap organization, with their buttoned-up "train case" line, and their more recognizable "teen" collection of Caboodle cases not to mention their new spokesperson is cool girl and Olympic gold medalist, Simone Biles.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Caboodle, get your life! All rights reserved. Things every '90s girl kept in her Caboodle. Butterfly barrette clips Instagram. White eyeliner Instagram. Friendship bracelets Instagram.

Caboodle vs Self-storage: Which one is right for you?

Roll-on body glitter Instagram. It sits right next to one of my favorite coffee shops.

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If you are there make sure you stop in here. The store is full of fun gifty items and specialty things made in Colorado. The lady with whom I spoke when I was there was incredibly knowledgable of the inventory probably the owner.

I love this shop. I found some of the nicest smelling soaps I have found here too. Marlene is wonderful, and has great neighborhood spirit. No doubt you will find something you love, too. I adore the handcrafted jewelry, especially by the woman who uses stones and then little dragonflies and things on top for her necklaces—I cannot remember her name. The prices are reasonable and I love that everything except the things hanging from the ceiling are made in Colorado from local artisans.

I bought dozens of super cool sushi plates of all sizes, dual wasabi, ginger bowls and chop sticks for our annual Christmas Eve party. I used some of the plates as candle holders around my bath tub—divine.

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I adore this store. Unique gifts and specialty items.

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With a cat named Elvis, how can one go wrong? A good mystery is always key and there were a number of suspects who definitely had strong motives, down to the killer, who seemingly had none.

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  • Things every '90s girl kept in her Caboodle.
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I will definitely be reading the next book in this fun series! Apr 09, Betty rated it it was amazing. The first in new series is a delightful read. The plot is excellent and carried out successfully. The characters are fleshed out and became friends at once. Sarah Grayson owns a second hand store. She has a number of helpers that add to the story.

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Elvis a black has chosen her as is owner. He likes ride and go with her. He talks with Sarah and others. Sarah reconnected with high school friends.

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Her Grandmother's help Sarah out when one of them is arrested for murdering her boy friend. This is a cute cozy mystery. The main character returns home after losing her job, to find a new start. One of her grandmother's friends ends up in the middle of a murder. She spends her time trying to keep the rest in her grandmother's clique out of trouble while they try to find the real murderer.

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Or maybe you had multiple Caboodles: one for your Hard Candy nail polish collection and one for your assortment of brown lipstick and body. Caboodles On-the-Go Girl Purple Marble Vintage Case, 1 Pound . CABD Life & Style Zip Pop Small Makeup Accessory Carry Bag, One Size.

I listened to the audiobook and really enjoyed it. View 1 comment. Jun 09, Betsy rated it really liked it. A great start to a new series! The only thing that prevented a higher rating was the number of characters introduced. It was hard to keep track of who was whom and I assume Sarah's grandmother will be back for the next book to further complicate things!

Cheers to the other reviewers who pointed out Ryan's Magical Cats series; they will be added to my "to read" list! Apr 05, Andree rated it liked it Shelves: This one was fun, but not as fun as magial cats. That's pretty much all I have to say at this point. View 2 comments. Apr 15, Moondance rated it really liked it Shelves: cozy , small-business , small-town , second-chances , , mature-sleuth , maine , cat , first-in-series , cozy-bingo.

Elvis was sitting in the middle of my desk when I opened the door to my office. Sarah Grayson has moved to North Harbor, Maine to open a second hand store. She had spent her summers there with her grandmother and it was a good place for her to start a new life. Soon after moving to town she acquired a scarred travel worn cat that she named Elvis.

Sarah becomes a sleuth when her grandmother's friend Maddie is accused of murder. Maddie's friends join the investigation and the adventure begins. It is quite obvious that Ms. Ryan has spent a great deal of time around cats. She understands their personalities and is spot on with their mannerisms. This is the first book in the series and it starts out with a bang. I'm so happy that I found another series by this author to love.

Elvis shines as a character. He isn't magical but he certainly is intuitive and smart. I love the interaction that he has with Sarah and her motley crew of detectives. Maddie's friends are a varied lot and true friendship is evident in their faith that Maddie was not a killer.

I am particularly fond of Mr. His introduction mad me laugh out loud. Sarah's high school crush is back in town working as an investigator for the medical examiner. Nick wants Sarah and her crew to stay out of the way so that he and the police can do their jobs. Like that is going to happen! The store employees, Mac and Avery, are well rounded characters that add to the storyline.

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It is great to see people from teens to senior citizens working together for a common good. The mystery has some twists and turns that keep your interest. I look forward to the next book. Oct 02, Vintagebooklvr rated it liked it Shelves: mystery.