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Submit a new entry. Compile a new entry. Dynastie datierbar sind. Central showcase A Exhibited in the central showcase are some sarcophaguses caskets and lids of stuccoed and painted wood, with illustrations of divinities and reproductions of texts of the Book of the Dead, dating to the 21st and 25th dynasty. The side opposite the entrance contains two mummies and other typical funerary furnishings such as the canopic vases, used for containing the entrails of the deceased, extracted for mummification of the bodies.

Gregorian Egyptian Museum and Sistine Chapel An itinerary that takes students from the Egyptian to the Renaissance period, enabling them to learn more about and to appreciate the Pharaohs of the rich Egyptian civilisation, through a journey that leads them through to the discovery of the Renaissance period and through the pictorial masterpiece of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel.

Gregorian Egyptian Museum and Gregorian Etruscan Museum A fascinating journey through time guides students to the rediscovery of two great civilisations: the Etruscan, through objects found in the tombs of ancient Etruria, and ancient Egypt among pharaohs and mysterious mummies. Gregorian Etruscan Museum and Sistine Chapel The itinerary guides students on a journey through centuries of the Etruscan civilisation, discovering the secrets of daily life in ancient Etruria until the Renaissance period, and thence to the pictorial masterpiece by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel.

Then footsteps approached, strangers, such as the rose had seen in her dream, came by, and among them was a poet from the north ; he plucked the rose, pressed a kiss upon her fresh mouth, and carried her away to the home of the clouds and the northern lights. Monday Monument: 1. Dutchman Niere: 1. Nimwegen Nische: 1. North Africa Norden: 1. North Korea Nordsee: 1. North Sea Norm: 1. Norway Norweger: 1. Norwegian Not: 1. November Novize: 1. October Okulist: 1. Olympus Omnibus: 1.

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Pyrenees Pyrosis: 1. Quaker Rabatt: 1.

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Reformation Regal: 1. Ratisbon Regenschirm: 1.

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Saint Nicholas, St. Nicholas Sankt Nikolaus: 1. Nicholas Sanskrit: 1. Sanskrit Sardelle: 1. Lucifer, Satan Sattel: 1. Scot, Scotsman Schottland: 1. Scotland Schrank: 1. Black Forest Schwede: 1. Swede Schweden: 1.

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Part 8: Berlin no. Alanna Lockward's Archive. Pfarreiengemeinschaft Beckingen. In white robes and with the up to 20 kilos heavy caps and bells as well the run pulls through the town. It is now used as a house, and no longer shows any sign of its former function.

Sweden Schwefel: 1. Switzerland Schweizer: 1. Sagittarius See: 1.