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Shelley's Frankenstein or indeed any other at all has come near yours in originality, or terror. In December , just Of Mice and Men was John Steinbeck's first masterpiece. Originally published in , it's the timeless story of George Milton and Lennie Small, ranch hands who drift from job to job, always one step ahead of the law and a few dollars from the poorhouse. George is small, wiry, sharp-tongued and quick-tempered; slow witted Lennie is his Set in familiar Steinbeck territory, To a God Unknown is a mystical tale, exploring one man's attempt to control the forces of nature and, ultimately, to understand the ways of God.

Or does she? View our feature on Jane Austen. Marianne Dashwood wears her heart on her sleeve, and when she falls in love with the dashing but unsuitable John Willoughby she ignores her sister Elinor's warning that her impulsive behaviour leaves her open to gossip and innuendo A Penguin Classic First published in , this volume of stories collected with the encouragement of his longtime editor Pascal Covici serves as a wonderful introduction to the work of Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck. Set in the beautiful Salinas Valley of California, where simple people farm the land and struggle to find a place for More than three decades after his death, John Steinbeck remains one of the nation's most beloved authors.

Yet few know of his career as a journalist who covered world events from the Great Depression to Vietnam. Now, this original collection offers a portrait of the artist as citizen, deeply engaged in the world around him. In addition to the In his dispatches he focuses on the human-scale effect of the Old enemies now yield to glasnost and perestroika. The killing shadows of the Cold War are flooded with light. The future is This timeless classic is now an easy-to-read chapter book! The four March sisters--Meg, Amy, Beth, and feisty Jo--share the joys and sorrows of growing up while their father is away at war.

The family is poor in worldly goods, but rich in love and character.

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  • The Iliad of Homer: The Wrath of Achilles (Norton Library #101) (Abridged / Paperback).

A riveting novel of labor strife and apocalyptic violence that maps the frontier where the masses become a mobAt once a relentlessly fast-paced, admirably observed novel of social unrest and the story of a young man's struggle for identity, In Dubious Battle is set in the California apple country, where a strike by migrant workers against John Steinbeck's masterpiece celebrates the spirit and courage of adolescence.

Steinbeck draws on his memories of childhood in these stories about a boy who embodies both the rebellious spirit and the contradictory desire for acceptance of early adolescence. John Steinbeck's powerful evocation of the suffering and hardship caused by the Great Depression, and a panoramic vision of the struggle for the American Dream, The Grapes of Wrath includes a critical introduction by Robert DeMott in Penguin Modern Classics.

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Rilke's powerfully touching letters to an aspiring young poet, now available in a beautiful hardcover Penguin edition. At the start of the twentieth century, Rainer Maria Rilke wrote a series of letters to a young officer cadet, advising him on writing, love, sex, suffering, and the nature of advice itself.

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These profound and lyrical letters have From the mids through the s, Henry Morgan, a pirate and outlaw of legendary viciousness, ruled the Spanish Main. He ravaged the coasts of Cuba and America, striking terror wherever he went.

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I enjoyed Fagles' translation very much and found his descriptive writing often beautiful, his war and battle scenes brutally clear. Paris steals Helen away to Troy. It is the absent top step in a flight of stairs. In a series of events rife with verbal intimidation and disagreements they reached up to the last ball of the final over where the younger brother had to take up a run to win the game. So even as all the other Trojans ran inside the impregnable city walls to shelter, Hector waited outside torn between life and honor contrast this with Achilles who had chosen life over honor, the lyre over the spear, so effortlessly earlier.

Morgan was obsessive. This rare The man he knew as "Control" is dead, and the young Turks who forced him out now run the Circus. But George Smiley isn't quite ready for Go back to Whitehall and look for more spies on your drawing boards. George Smiley is no one's idea of a spy—which is perhaps why he's such a natural. But Smiley apparently made a mistake. After a routine security interview, he concluded that the affable Samuel Fennan had nothing to hide. Why, then, did the man from the Foreign Office shoot A major literary event when it was The epic battle between man and monster reaches its greatest pitch in the famous story of Frankenstein. In trying to create life, the young student Victor Frankenstein unleashes forces beyond his control, setting into motion a long and tragic chain of events that brings Victor himself to the very brink.

How he tries to destroy his creation, as This is comedy--bawdy, sentimental, and good fun. Returning to Soon to be a major motion picture starring Salma Hayek, John C. In the past the Circus handled all things political, Occupied by enemy troops, a small, peaceable town comes face-to-face with evil imposed from the outside--and betrayal born within the close-knit community.

Steinbeck's self-described Smiley — where was he? Miss Ailsa Brimley is in a quandary.

She's received a peculiar letter from Mrs. Stella Rode, saying Renowned classicist Bernard Knox observes in his superb Introduction Each of these self-contained stories is linked to the others by the Moby-Dick is one of the great epics in all of literature. Captain Ahab's hunt for the white whale drives the narrative at a relentless pace, while Ishmael's meditations on whales and whaling, on the sublime indifference of nature, and on the grimy physical details of the extraction of oil provide a reflective counterpoint to the headlong As he faces the prospect of retirement or Boisterous, ribald, and ultimately shattering, Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest has left an indelible mark on the literature of our time.

Turning conventional notions of sanity and insanity on their heads, the novel tells the unforgettable story of a mental Four scenes, four people: the husband who yearns for a son, ignorant of his own sterility; the wife who commits adultery to fulfill her An unforgettable spiritual journey through the Himalayas IN , Peter Matthiessen and field biologist George Schaller traveled high into the remote mountains of Nepal to study the Himalayan blue sheep and possibly glimpse the rare and beautiful snow leopard.

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Matthiessen, a student of Zen Buddhism, was also on a spiritual quest to find the No one at After eighteen years as a political prisoner in the Bastille the aging Dr Manette is finally released and reunited with his daughter in England. There two very different men, Charles Darnay, an exiled French aristocrat, and Sydney Carton, a disreputable but brilliant English lawyer, become enmeshed through their love for Lucie Manette. From the In his absence, the Trojan enjoy spectacular success on the battlefield, thanks largely to the heroic effort of their leader, Hector, who succeeds in reaching the Achaean fleet and setting one ship alight.

Achilles relents slightly and sends out his dear friend Patroclus to assist the Achaeans, but Hector kills Patroclus.

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That death enrages Achilles, and he returns to battle, slaughters many Trojans, and kills Hector. The Iliad is famous and enormously influential as a vision of pagan religion and warrior culture. Faced with a world ruled by all-powerful and capricious gods and goddesses, extremely beautiful but often cruel and unpredictable deities, for whom irrational conflict is the fated condition of the universe, these warriors choose to stand up and confront the harsh realities of their existence as bravely as possible.

Since the gods provide no detailed and consistent moral code for them to follow, the leaders live by their warrior code, which insists that they strive always to assert their own individual heroic natures as fully as possible, even though that may well bring death sooner rather than later.

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Since they always carry out their actions in full view of everyone else, their lives are ruled by the twin priorities of gaining status and avoiding shame. They repeatedly express how much they would like to live without such constant conflict, but since the gods create constant strife and human beings cannot change that condition and have to deal with it and since everyone will die sooner or later, they believe they should manifest their individual virtues in action as fully as possible for as long as they can.

This is a stern faith, too, because there is no sense here of a life after death. Whatever Hades offers, it is pale and unwelcome compared to life on earth. The only way a warrior can transcend the finality of death is through the memory he leaves behind of his great deeds, the achievements that have earned him an honoured place among his peers on the battlefield. And this memory of his glorious life, his excellence, will be enshrined in the stories his children and his community tell about him and, ironically enough, by the impressive size of his burial mound. The result is a profound vision of warfare, the finest war poem in our traditions.

The war is brutal, and Homer spares us none of the horrific details. He emphatically reminds us again and again of what war involves, the sudden destruction of beautiful young men, the enslavement of women, the aching loss of life for parents, children, friends, and fellow citizens. At the same time, war is, in a paradoxical way, energizing, thrilling, and often intensely beautiful. It allows human beings to manifest some of their most astonishing and admirable characteristics.

The destructive endeavour is, by one of the most disturbing of ironies, also an intensely creative activity. Many weapons, for example, are products of great artistic skill, yet they are used to kill. Warriors are truly beautiful as they move out to fight.

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But the fighting covers their lovely bodies with blood, mud, and gore, and often leaves them biting the dirt or holding their bowels in their death throes. The life-sustaining earth which nourishes these human beings becomes their final resting place. Homer is famous for offering us both aspects of war, without taking sides or seeking to moralize this particular conflict.

In that sense, The Iliad can be a very disturbing poem, for its vision undercuts some of our most cherished beliefs about warfare. The Iliad is also the story of Achilles, our greatest warrior and our first tragic hero. At the start of the poem, when he quarrels with Agamemnon, Achilles adheres to the warrior code. He is famous for his battlefield skills, but he sees the world as his companions do. In fact, the initial quarrel arises over the issue of status and shame. In his isolation from the fighting, however, Achilles begins to change, and when in Book 9 the Achaeans seeks to persuade him to return by conferring enormous status on him, he unexpectedly refuses, declaring that he would sooner go home, in effect, repudiating the code he and his comrades have always lived by.

Later, however, responding to his remaining sense of comradeship, he does allow his closest friend, Patroclus, to return to battle in his armour in order to help the Achaeans, who are in desperate straits.

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The Iliad Abridged Perfect Paperback – Abridged, September 1, ​ Homer's Iliad, the oldest and greatest epic poem in our culture, was composed in the eighth century BC.​ Ian Johnston's abridged version of Homer's great poem is based upon his acclaimed translation of the complete. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Homer's Iliad, the oldest and greatest epic poem in our culture, was composed in the eighth century BC. It became the.