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In fact, sometimes your subconscious mind will go to great lengths to stay exactly where you are, what it considers safe, even if you consciously want to improve.

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Therefore, repeating affirmations is an affective way to help you reach your goals or just to feel better. Confidence and a sense of humor can make just about any situation easier to deal with, even change a stressful or unhappy situation into one you triumph over. With a little effort, you can increase yours with the magic of affirmations.

Below are 11 magic affirmations to help you magnify your confidence and sense of humor. Choose one or more of the following affirmations, write it down and tape it to your computer or dashboard. Repeat it many times a day, especially when you find yourself feeling fearful or thinking negative thoughts.

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You can also use them as a mantra on which to focus in meditation. Now that you know how thoughts influence reality, you can use these affirmations to increase your confidence and sense of humor. Your email address will not be published.


Would you like to make instant connections with people and win them over with your charm? Are you looking for ways to use your magnetic personality and. Use your charm and sense of humor to make new friends and connect with new people. Let your true inner brilliance shine through. Be confident in your winning .

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It seems that The Mosquito so named because its sound resembles the buzzing of the fiendish insect emits a harmless ultrasonic tone that can only be heard by people under the age of The longer someone of that age is exposed to the sound, the more annoying it becomes.

What a neat solution. The point here is that in order to be affected by this noise, you had to be able to actually hear it. I mention this here to illustrate the point that to be affected by something, we need to actually pick it up with our senses.

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The adults who could not hear the sound were not affected by it, simple. How many people have been sold the idea that some subliminal sound they cannot hear is having some kind of effect on them?

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But their eyes and noses in both cases would have had to have detected either the briefcase or the cleaning fluid smell. What do I mean? BUT you need to be able to hear them. So how does all this relate to hypnotic communication?

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Hypnotic communication needs to be targeted toward the unconscious mind. It is, after all, this part of the mind that maintains the problem. We want changes to take place below consciousness.

Which brings us neatly to…. Once there was a young boy who dissected a fly because he wanted to discover how it worked. After dissection, he found he was left with legs, a body, and wings, but now he wondered where the fly had gone. In our culture, we are all encouraged to analyze and use logic, a wonderful legacy from ancient Greece.

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Just as the essence of the fly disappeared for the little boy.