Wounded Dove in Honor and Disgrace

Biography of Honor Harrington
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Search inside document. Author Marta Pravica Trklja. For centuries, until recent times, we have not had or produced an authentic account of the past. The best literature, without remarkable bits of narrative, has been found in Church literature, in some more or less eloquent fragments of legal texts and in archival sources.

With the exception of a few dramatizations on epic and medieval themes, we have had almost no pure literary prose about any historical events of the Middle Ages.

Hence, we have not developed common knowledge of plot until the 19th century, nor do we have a narrative with the historical themes. Author Marta Pravica Trklja, native of Trebinje, who lives and writes in Canada, has begun to fill that gap with her novels written in English:. Wounded Dove in Honor and Disgrace.


Powerful Master and His Slave Bride. Deina: A Matter of.

Biography of Honor Harrington

Melina: A Departure From Tradition. She has developed her own unique narrative style. Because she has been away from her native Serbian language for a long time, Marta has written her novels in English.

Her literary techniques based on story telling are not complicated and are quite in the tradition of a historical novel. They are quite realistic stories related to specific historical events or long-term processes. In Canada, Marta has read among other things, everything she could find on the history of slavery in our region. She had before her folk tales, family legends, epic poetry, and several scholarly works that exhaustively explored the topic of slavery in several geographic areas in the then Ottoman Empire, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Dubrovnik Republic and along the Mediterranean.

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The theme of ". The essence of this move was very complex; therefore, its perception in historiography is multilayered. In some ways, the Sultan wanted to push the hereditary aristocracy from the political scene, which in some way had always threatened his power.

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Hence, the tribute in blood. In the early days, they selected boys at the age of eight and ten and later they raised the boundaries. Marta Pravica Trklja is in the process of reviewing the Serbian translation of. She has not yet decided whether to print this novel in Canada, the United States or in her homeland. She is currently collecting material for the background for and is starting to write the first pages of the historical novel about Hasan Pasha Predojevic, about whom there are many stories in the oral tradition of Eastern Herzegovina.

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Set in the sixteenth century village of Gruica's Bridge in Eastern Herzegovina, near the Adriatic Sea, Wounded Dove in Honor and Disgrace explores the long. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. MARTA PRAVICA TRKLJA was born in the village of Wounded Dove in Honor and Disgrace by [Pravica Trklja, Marta].

Marta writes about the "tribute in blood. At the same time, she brings into focus some fragments about their education and subsequent career in Constantinople and in other parts of the Ottoman Empire.

Vendetta, Shame, Honor, and Cloves

Marta not only integrates family drama into that summary, but also the narrative of the emergence of the imaginar. Angelina, the main character in the novel, like an ancient heroine is forced to tolerate the deepest temptations and heavy defeats that break the strongest and.

Only way to stalk a wounded dove. Extreme Caution!

As the author said, "Since my early childhood I have been fascinated by stories and events from the past. The farther those stories came from the pa st, the more I was interested in listening to them.

This press release was issued through eReleases R. Contact Us. News in Focus Browse News Releases. Multimedia Gallery. Trending Topics. Business Technology. General Business. Consumer Technology. In-Language News. Author Bio : Marta Pravica Trklja was born in former Yugoslavia , and immigrated to Canada in order to escape the political instability Europe faced in the mids. Share this article.